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29/2/2004Aris become the first basketball team to capture 8 Greek Cups after their 73-70 win over Olympiacos in Lamia. The final lasted 4 hours as the fans' wild attitude forced the referees to withdraw until the stadium was evacuated for the last 10 minutes of the game
29/2/1992Messaggero Ravena win the European Volleyball Championship after beating Olympiacos 3-0 in front of a home crowd of 20.000 at Peace and Friendship Stadium
29/2/1992Nikos Galis smashes Vassilis Goumas' scoring record (11.030 points). By the end of his basketball career two years later, he will have set a new scoring record (12.857 points in 385 games) in the Greek championship
29/2/1976Referee Stefanos Rammos from Salonica gives a strict foul penalty in favour of PAOK at 67' at the match Panetolikos-PAOK and Stavros Sarafis opens the score. Panetolikos' fans will enter the field at 85' and hit the referee, who will lose his ear by a bite.
29/2/1952Greece defeats Turkey with 3-1 (Darivas) at the "Leoforos" football ground for the East Mediterranean Friendship Cup. At the informal replay match, 2 days later, Greece will win again with 3-0 (Papageorgiou, Kanakis, Lakis Petropoulos)
29/2/1584The 29th of February makes its first appearance as the additional day of every leap year. This addition was decided in 1581 by Pope Gregory XIII, who also deducted 11 days, naming the 4/10/1582 as 15/10/1582, inaugurating the diary which took his name. This extra day of February already exists since 45 BC, according to the adjustments made by Julius Cesar. The only difference was that this day was inserted between the 24th and 25th day causing the leap year to be named also bissextile as Romans had to accept sixth calends twice


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